On May 11th, 2007, Hank posed a question to his viewers concerning whether or not it was ethically all right if, given the superpower of time travel, one were to go back and kill baby Adolph Hitler. John responded that the viewers were of two camps: 1) no; he's a baby, he's not evil yet! and 2) um, are you kidding, he's Hitler. After much thought given to this question, John borrowed the idea from commenter Brooke to build an Evil Baby Orphanage somewhere random (such as on a mountain in Tibet or Canada) and take all the evil babies of history there. In theory, these babies could potentially occupy their time with Nerdfighting rather than genocide.

On January 2nd 2012, John Green decided that the best place for the Evil Baby Orphanage was the Philippines' island Luzon, which has a lake, which contains an island, which contains a lake, which contains an island.

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